Windermere Cases in King County

Out of 201 cases Windermere is the defendant in 138 cases and they evicted 17 families    Case #  Name  File Date  Participant  Cause 1  92-2-29498-2   Windermere  12-22-92  GARNISHEE DEFENDANT   Transcript of Judgment 2  01-2-21687-2   Windermere  08-02-01  Garnishee Defendant   Commercial 3  02-2-04890-1   Windermere  03-18-02  Garnishee Defendant   Commercial 4  02-2-15148-5   Windermere  05-16-02  Defendant… Read More Windermere Cases in King County

Windermere Cases in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is not immune from Windemere it seems either they were defendants in 12 out of 15 cases and only gave one family the boot  Case #  Name  File Date  Participant  Cause 1  06-2-00307-1   Windermere Hood Canal  09-22-06  PLAINTIFF   Miscellaneous 2  08-2-00296-8   Windermere Hood Canal  09-05-08  3RD PARTY DEFENDANT   Commercial 3  95-2-00439-2 … Read More Windermere Cases in Jefferson County

Windermere Cases in Grant County

Grant County located in Central Washington is a small rural migrant community but Windermere has obviously been here…. Out of 32 cases 26 of them have been evictions and they have been the defendants in 5 cases  Case Number  Name  File Date  Participant  Cause 1  05-2-00507-2   Windermere Property Management  04-27-05  PLAINTIFF   Unlawful Detainer  … Read More Windermere Cases in Grant County

Windermere cases in Franklin County

Looks like Windermere blew into Franklin County kicked a few folks out and then went after someone in a commercial property deal… All in a days work I guess Case # Judgment Records  File Date  Participant  Cause  Status 1  03-2-50687-0   Windermere Property  09-19-03  PLAINTIFF  Unlawful Detainer 2  09-2-50040-4   Windermere Real Estate  01-14-09  PLAINTIFF  Unlawful Detainer… Read More Windermere cases in Franklin County